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Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation on domestic, commercial and agricultural buildings

Lincs Renewables install solar panels on domestic, commercial and agricultural buildings. Solar panels collect daylight and turn the DC electricity into AC power for your property, via an inverter.

At Lincs Renewables, we work with domestic, commercial and agricultural customers, providing Lincolnshire with top quality installations and workmanship. We install solar panels to existing buildings, but we also install solar panels onto new-build properties. We can install panels, on roof (on rails), integrated installations (within your roof tiles), on walls along with ground mounted systems.

Benefits of installing solar panels to your property include:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Long-term savings
  • No noise pollution
  • Clean energy
  • Return on investment
  • Reduced reliance on national grid/ energy independence
  • Little maintenance required
  • Even produce power on cloudy days

Working towards the governments mission to provide 95% electricity from low carbon sources by 2030, along with the rising electricity costs, investing in solar panels has never been more popular. It is currently the world’s fastest growing renewable energy solution. Unsurprisingly, a 12 panel system working alongside a 5.2kW battery could see savings up to £982 a year on your electricity bill.

Including a battery is a very popular option, meaning you can store excess energy produced during daylight hours, to use later in the day or first thing in the morning whilst its dark, meaning you can save even more money.

The solar energy you produce can also be used to charge your electric vehicle (EV), reducing your carbon footprint further as well as lowering your fuel bills.

Package 1

This option is the cheapest of all our packages. Allowing you to reduce your electricity bill, having Solar PV panels and an invertor will allow you to power your appliances for free while the sun is shining.

Package 2

Adding a battery allows you to save further. Batteries give you the option to store excess electricity generated by your solar panels, to use outside of daylight hours. An additional advantage is that if you’re on a smart energy tariff you can top up the charge in your batteries outside of peak hours when rates are often much cheaper.

Package 3

This option is much like option 2, however a key advantage of having a priority board means in the event of a power cut, the circuits that are connected to your priority board can continue being used via the electricity stored in your batteries.

Package 4

This is very similar to option 2, however instead of the excess electricity being diverted back into the grid once the batteries are full, the diverter diverts the excess electricity and uses an immersion heater to help heat your hot water, reducing demand on your hot water heating system.

Package 5

This option is the full-works when it comes to future-proofing your home and living as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. The addition of installing a compatible EV charger allows power generated from your solar panels to contribute in charging your electric vehicle.

Our team of MCS approved solar panel installers cover the following areas across North East Lincolnshire and all locations in-between:

  • Grimsby
  • Cleethorpes
  • Immingham
  • Barton
  • Brigg
  • Caistor
  • Market Rasen
  • Louth
  • Horncastle
  • Woodhall Spa
  • Lincoln
  • Hykeham
  • Newark
  • Gainsborough

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