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Welcome to Lincs Renewables

Lincolnshire’s family-run, trusted renewables provider.

Join the 1.2million who are protecting themselves from the energy price increase and becoming more self-sufficient.

Lincs Renewables provide renewable energy solutions for domestic, commercial and agricultural properties across Lincolnshire and North East Lincs.

Lincs Renewables install solar panels on domestic, commercial and agricultural buildings. Solar panels collect daylight and turn the DC electricity into AC power for your property, via an inverter.

Working towards the governments mission to provide 95% electricity from low carbon sources by 2030, along with the rising electricity costs, investing in solar panels has never been more popular. It is currently the world’s fastest growing renewable energy solution. Unsurprisingly, a 12 panel system working alongside a 5.2kW battery could see savings up to £982 a year on your electricity bill.

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Solar battery storage systems store excess power that has been generated by solar panels but has not been utilised. This is particularly useful if you are not at home during peak sunshine house, allowing you to use the power your property has generated after dark.

Solar battery storage system costs are not inexpensive, however the investment can make up for the cost if implemented effectively. With batteries, you can become energy-independent and self-reliant.

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Lincs Renewables install electric vehicle charging stations for residential and commercial locations throughout Lincolnshire and North East Lincs. Being an independent installer allows us to offer a wide range of cost-effective, stylish and scalable solutions to suit all budgets and requirements, that are compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands.

Power ratings of EV charging stations are available from 3.5kW to 22kW and come with options of different tether lengths from 5m to 10m. Lincs Renewables are installers of Myenergi.

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Lower energy costs

Long-term savings

Clean energy

Low maintenance

Lincs Renewables is a registered installer under the MCS scheme. The MCS is a nationally recognised quality and reliability assurance scheme, which is a requirement for an installer who wish to install and commission renewable products.

Being MCS certified gives our customers the assurance that we install the expected industry level of quality and reliability on every job we undertake.

The aim of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code is to ensure that consumers wishing to install a small-scale heat or power generation unit for their homes have the necessary confidence and service standards so that they can make an informed choice.

Lincs Renewables are members of RECC allowing customers to have high consumer protection standards and give them the confidence that we are assessed to ensure the high levels of workmanship that our customers expect and receive.

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If you would like to discuss your upcoming project and request a quotation for your EV Charger or Solar installation please feel free to contact us.